New Position at IAST, France

In September 2021, I made a big move across the ocean to the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. The IAST, a part of the Toulouse School of Economics, is a broadly interdisciplinary institute with the unified goal of studying and understanding human behavior, evolution, and our place in the world. Faculty, fellows and visitors include Economists, Political Scientists, Psychologists, Anthropologists, Historians, Sociologists, and of course, some Evolutionary Biologists! I’m excited to contribute to and learn from this fantastic community of diverse scholars over the next couple of years in beautiful Toulouse! I will be continuing to work on sexual selection and sexual conflict theory, while also building collaborations and new applications for dynamic social network models.

Check out this fantastic interview video the media team put together where I talk a bit about my research and about Toulouse!

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